Frequently Asked Questions

What is an international gift giveaway?

International giveaways are a chance to win awesome prizes for free. They are organized by instagrammers, the hosts, who form a group, or ”loop”, of people. They pay for the gift to promote their accounts and gain new followers.

How do I participate?

On our site you can find a list of giveaways, to participate in the giveaways click on the giveaway you want to participate in and then click on "view post" on any of the posts, you'll be redirected to Instagram. Then, just follow the rules written below the picture. There are also flags that show what language the posts are in.

Can I win the giveaway/iphone/ipad/etc.?

We do not organize the giveaways ourselves unfortunately, so we can not give you any prizes. We only look for giveaways and post them to our site. We recommend that you do not message hosts asking to win as this may disqualify you.

Are these giveaways international? Can I join?

Yes, all the giveaways posted on our site should be international, meaning you can enter wherever you live. Always make sure to read the rules, sometimes you will be required to pay for shipping.

Are the giveaways real/fake?

The giveaways are real, you can see all the past winners on our site and you will see that some have posted pictures with the prizes they won. The reason the hosts do these giveaways is so that they can get new followers and promote their accounts. Because they organise them as a group they can offer expensive gifts like iPhones or branded clothing.

My account has been blocked from following/liking/commenting, what do I do?

If you follow/like too many posts, too fast, Instagram might temporarily block your account, not allowing you to follow/like for a certain amount of time. We recommend that you do not try to enter too many giveaways right away, no more than one every 3-4 hours, so you should look for the ones you are most interested in winning.